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The company focused on quality control and freshness. You can also enjoy varieties of coffee, designed not only for quality espresso but also coffee that is suitable for alternative preparation.

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The product range is constantly expanding and we strive to meet the demands of all our customers.

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Sfogliatine is a finely shaped stick of a leaf flavored carrot flavored with sugar-coated glaze. Suitable for coffee or tea or milk. Surprise your guests with excellent Italian pastries.

  • Cream
    colour: dark hazelnut
    consistency: high, right from the first pour
    persistence: high 
  • Aroma
    intensity: high, given by certain varieties of Robusta in the blend
    quality: notes of nuts and spices 
  • Flavour
    acidity: absent
    bitterness: present but balanced
    sweetness: present
    balance: balanced mix of Arabica and Robusta varieties
  • Body
    astringency: almost absent
    body: high 
  • Aftertaste
    intensity: high, notes of nuts and spices
    persistence: medium/high 

Rizzi green olives are selected in terms of quality and calibration, collected and stored in water and salt. Suitable for appetizers, pizzas and cold dishes.


A great classic, which does not have to be presented again in its most beloved form, to enhance all good Italian culinary traditions. When you try, you will notice its uniqueness.

Cooking time: 11min


Gift basket contains: 

- wooden basket mini 

- spinach pasta BARONIA

- red, dry wine Villa Mottura Negroamaro

- Sfogliatine 

- dark chocolate 73% Vannucci

- Caffe Diemme ORO 250g

- dried basil

- cellophane

- ribbon

  • Cream
    colour: hazelnut
    consistency: medium right from the first pour
    persistence: medium
  • Aroma
    intensity: medium/high
    quality: floral and tropical fruit notes 
  • Flavour
    acidity: present but balanced
    bitterness: almost absent
    sweetness: present
    balance: balanced flavours 
  • Body
    astringency: absent
    body: medium 
  • Aftertaste
    intensity: medium, with notes of almonds, citrus and fresh fruit
    persistence: high, due to the quality of the Arabica varieties