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The company focused on quality control and freshness. You can also enjoy varieties of coffee, designed not only for quality espresso but also coffee that is suitable for alternative preparation.

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The product range is constantly expanding and we strive to meet the demands of all our customers.

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Featured Products

  • Cream
    colour: hazelnut
    consistency: medium right from the first pour
    persistence: medium
  • Aroma
    intensity: medium/high
    quality: floral and tropical fruit notes 
  • Flavour
    acidity: present but balanced
    bitterness: almost absent
    sweetness: present
    balance: balanced flavours 
  • Body
    astringency: absent
    body: medium 
  • Aftertaste
    intensity: medium, with notes of almonds, citrus and fresh fruit
    persistence: high, due to the quality of the Arabica varieties

An intense 100% Arabica espresso blend!

The Miscela "Super" by Caffè Diemme is the "strong" brother of the "Oro".

A slightly darker roast and altered composition of the bean blend lead to less floral nuances and more strength in taste.

  • Cream
    colour: dark hazelnut
    consistency: high, right from the first pour
    persistence: high 
  • Aroma
    intensity: high, given by certain varieties of Robusta in the blend
    quality: notes of nuts and spices 
  • Flavour
    acidity: absent
    bitterness: present but balanced
    sweetness: present
    balance: balanced mix of Arabica and Robusta varieties
  • Body
    astringency: almost absent
    body: high 
  • Aftertaste
    intensity: high, notes of nuts and spices
    persistence: medium/high 

100% cofee free coffee for all who want or need to avoid caffeine without giving up the joy of a good espresso. Diemme coffee-free coffee is produced according to a proven recipe for over 50 years. It provides pleasant tastes and feelings. It is ideal for all your days when you want to enjoy coffee but no caffeine.    


Tomatoes and spices, a harmonious combination for a taste blast. Rodolfi brings the most famous Italian spice in the world with a recipe that tracks the oldest Italian tradition, which is appreciated by those who love a strong taste.


Rizzi green olives are selected in terms of quality and calibration, collected and stored in water and salt. Suitable for appetizers, pizzas and cold dishes.