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CAFFE DIEMME AROMATICA 500g (80% Arabica, 20% Robusta)

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  • Cream
    colour: dark hazelnut
    consistency: high, right from the first pour
    persistence: high 
  • Aroma
    intensity: high, given by certain varieties of Robusta in the blend
    quality: notes of nuts and spices 
  • Flavour
    acidity: absent
    bitterness: present but balanced
    sweetness: present
    balance: balanced mix of Arabica and Robusta varieties
  • Body
    astringency: almost absent
    body: high 
  • Aftertaste
    intensity: high, notes of nuts and spices
    persistence: medium/high

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Round and sharp

Miscela Aromatica is the ideal coffee for palates that prefer a sharper aftertaste. A correct combination of choice species of Arabica and Robusta allow us to get a coffee marked by greater body, a longer persistency of the spicy tones and a persistent cream. 

Developed for those restaurants and bars that want a coffee with more body and intensity, and demand a more generous cream.

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