A fast-growing trade and distribution company with strong development and innovativeness.

The company offers intimate ladies hygiene, baby diapers, the following range of liquid products – liquid soaps, fabric softeners, washing-up and cleaning liquids; universal and children’s washing powders; liquid washing formulas and toilet soaps.

Since 2009 company is exclusive importer of selected manufacturers from Italy: - companies SAC, CASINAREALE, ERNESTO COPPOLA (canned vegetables-all assortment of beans, green peas, chickpeas, lentills, complete - tomato programme- tomato puree, chopped and whole peeled tomatoes ), company ZUCCHI (olive oils-both extra virgin and pomace(sansa di oliva) , vegetable oils, and oil pressed from grape seeds) and company De matteis Agroalimentare (complete pasta assortment of refined programme, stuffed pasta, whole meal pasta-cereal pasta, sauces, grissini sticks and ready meals), also MAZZA alimentari srlCASINAREALE (tomato products) & Distribuzione olive pitturi (manufacturing of olives). LINEA BIANCA consist of cheeses (Parmiggiano ReggianoGorgonzolaMozzarella Grana Padano), mascarpone, ricotta and butter ZANASI.

The company plans in 2013 are: increase its share on the market, turnovers in the food program and other new assortment of new incoming exclusive Italian products directly from manufacturers at very reasonable prices.